Jack Harry and Ollie Installation tip

The smoother and cleaner the wall the better finish your peel and stick wall decals will be.

step 1
How our stickers are prepared for you

Our decals come without a transfer tape side so instead of having to cut around each decal and plan carefully using painters tape and rulers, these decals are designed so you can simply peel & stick directly to your wall!

Step 2
Test what’s the best layout for your wall

In order to determine what works best on your wall without having to painstakingly plot every decal, try spacing them tightly together as well as farther apart. Take photos of both methods to refer back to in case you have trouble deciding.

Step 3
Once you’ve decided on the best layout

Once you've decided how you'll be spacing your
peel & stick decals, While you're applying, don't
stress about getting the spacing wrong. Our peel
& stick decals can be repositioned even after
you’ve applied them to the wall many times.

Step 4
Style your space

With the coolest background in town, you can add some funky fresh details and accessories to really make your space pop.

Note: if walls are freshly painted, we recommend waiting 4-5 weeks for your paint to fully cure before applying your Jack Harry and Ollie wall decals.