Arch Wall Decals

Enhance your child's bedroom, nursery or playroom with our removable arch wall decals.

So easy to apply, reposition and remove. Choose from our curated range of colours and sizes or message us here and we can print to any colour or size you would like.

40 products

40 products

Where are our Arch Wall Decals Made?

All Arch Wall Decals supplied from Jack Harry and Ollie are printed in our own studio in Perth Western Australia.

What makes our Arch Wall Decals Special?

Conventional wall stickers typically employ a sticky backing that adheres to painted or smooth surfaces. Upon removal, these stickers often leave behind a residue or, in some cases, strip off portions of the paint, presenting an undesirable outcome.

In contrast, our arch wall decals utilise a specialised adhesive that securely grips the wall without creating a permanent bond.

Consequently, when these decals are removed, they effortlessly lift off the wall without leaving any residue or causing damage.

How do I Remove my Arch Wall Decals?

We are proud to offer removable arch wall decals! The removal process is as simple as the application. To remove, begin at a corner and gently peel the decal from the wall or surface, working towards the centre of the wall decal until it is completely free. Try not to pull too forcefully or rapidly as this may result in stretching the decal.

Can I re-use my Arch Wall Decals?

Absolutely. Simply keep the backing paper that your arch wall decal came on and you can place them back on to it to transport and apply in another room.